CICO water bottle

500 ml, UCI-compliant
9.90 €
excluding shipping

CICO drinking bottle

CICO drinking bottle

Up to a value of goods of €35.00 domestic shipping costs of € 4.90, to other EU countries (from 01.01.2023 not to Austria) for € 9.90.

Above that the shipping is free of charge.

From Austria please order directly from our partners:

For CICO bike care products: BENTHO eBIKES ONLINESHOP
For CICO gun care-Products you may use our RETAILER SEARCH
For rail transport and cable cars: TAS-group
For our Racing-Sofa: MOTORSPORT-DAILY24.COM

Due to the new Austrian Packaging Ordinance, shipping from Germany is currently not possible!

CICO Product Overview 2024 for Download

Here you get an overview of our range of CICO lubricants.


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