CICO Waffenfett GL 99, 40g

Gun Lube for all firearms, available in march 2024
Delivery date: 1-3 days
29.99 €
equates to 749.75 € per 1000 g
excluding shipping

Up to a value of goods of €35.00 domestic shipping costs of € 4.90, to other EU countries (from 01.01.2023 not to Austria) for € 9.90.

Above that the shipping is free of charge.

From Austria please order directly from our partners:

For CICO bike care products: BENTHO eBIKES ONLINESHOP
For CICO gun care-Products you may use our RETAILER SEARCH
For rail transport and cable cars: TAS-group
For our Racing-Sofa: MOTORSPORT-DAILY24.COM

Due to the new Austrian Packaging Ordinance, shipping from Germany is currently not possible!

CICO Product Overview 2022/2023 for Download

Here you get an overview of our range of CICO lubricants.


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